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By listening to the request of previous tenants, and indeed our own family members who have been students, the Copley Team have put together attractive packages to meet with the demand of all your requirements ranging from having all the worry of paying bills taken away,annual decoration and refurbishments through to garden maintenance.

All our houses are located with easy access to Sheffield Hallam and Sheffield University,and all comply with current safety and security requirements along with licensing legislation. All the houses have modern furnishings,regularly updated kitchens and bathrooms, TVs and the latest appliances.

Tenants have a choice of two rental packages:

Rent Only - this requires that all gas, electricity, water, telephone, TV licence and Internet bills are paid by the Tenants in addition to the rent

All InclusiveFor just £17 per person per week  - Copley Properties will cover all your outgoings. This includes paying for the water rates, all your gas and electric bills (subject to generous limits ), TV license for the house including the TV points in all the bedrooms and an internet allowance ofd £20 paid into the household each month towards whatever package the tenants choose.